I'm a User eXperience lover. Since 2009 I write on a blog about it: Internet must be easy to understand. By the time, things got complicated as we multiplied the devices and medias available. I've worked in Social Gaming, Social Network, Web Agencies... Now I spend my time creating innovative UX on touch table for everyone.

Sometimes you can see me giving presentations, being a teacher or being a mentor during Startup WeekEnds. I love talking to people and sharing some advices, learned by trying a lot of things. I'm not afraid about challenging myself.

I do believe that we have something in common: we all love to play. That's my job, I want you to play again with our new tools and habbits. Get in touch!

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My main blog (in french): www.bertiaux.fr

My brand new project called Noobies: www.noobi.es

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My WIP project called RTFM: www.rtfm.lol

Keep it simple & smart

Living in the amazing city of Lille.