I'm using StackEdit, and it feels good.

Right now, I’m using this software and testing my Chromebook skills at writing on the go. It always been a pain to find a good way to make things easy when it comes to blogging.

I definitly love Wordpress when I don’t use it everyday. I really like Medium even if they’re going down. And I never tried enough Blogger from Google.

That said, you’ll see where I’m heading to: Github Pages & Jekyll.

It’s not as easy at it seems to understand how things must be done on this platform when you’re not a developer.

Disclaimer : I used to be a developer, I’m not anymore, but I try things sometimes. I’m more like a advanced beginner than a pure noob.

I made this “little tech blog” for one reason only: writing using Markdown. I do it to try my ability to switch from a CMS to text-only interface.


I hate Wordpress nowadays. I hate plugins. I hate being forced to do updates. I just want to write down things and share them without checking if I’m not being hacked.


Here I am: using Jekyll to blog. This third post shows that I still believe in this solution.

“Thanks mom !”

Written on January 23, 2017